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If you’ve been looking for delicious and healthy convenience meals to be delivered directly to your door,

then look no further than MyChef.

Whether you want nutritious ready meals to assist your eating plan, or you simply want to enjoy a wholesome meal without the hard work, this is the kitchen for you! Upon ordering, our friendly delivery drivers will drop your chosen ready meals off, and they’ll even pack the freezer if you need some help.

Our flavourful range of food is developed by passionate chefs and prepared using quality ingredients available. Every dish is freshly prepared and chilled or frozen to ensure maximum amount of goodness and flavour is preserved, and then delivered to your home, where you simply have to heat up and enjoy!

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Our full range is available online, and you have the option to set up a single, weekly or monthly order for your convenience. The next step will be a visit from our hospitable drivers, who will deliver your meals in the comfort of your home or office. MyChef guarantees to give you a superb experience from the first click on our website to the last bite of your flavoursome meal! We offer convenient

bi-weekly deliveries across Durban.

Click the icon below to explore our diverse

mouth-watering menu for this week.

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